Tablet Sales

Worldwide sales of tablets in the third-quarter of 2021 were 42.3 million units. This was up from the previous quarter, but fell far short of the 52.2 million units sold in the fourth-quarter of 2020 and a precipitous drop from the 78.6 million units sold in the fourth-quarter of 2013.

Despite the trend over the past 8 years, the practicality of the tablet cannot be disputed. For older people, including baby-boom generation members, the form factor of the tablet provides more screen real estate to clearly see text and graphics. For gamers, the tablet provides a better view of all the graphics so that success in reaching new levels is more possible. For all buyers, tablets provide a great form factor for viewing videos/movies, reading texts, video calls or facetime and making use of a large selection of apps.

Tablets may have seen some declining sales during the past couple of years, but they will always offer many benefits to buyers. Watch for sales on tablets featured on Tablet Bug.

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